Reiki Therapy


Reiki is a non-evasive, complementary therapy with no side effects that can enhance daily life of people with Parkinson’s.

Reiki is the ancient practice of channelling universal energy (or ‘Chi’), to heal and harmonise the body. It is said to bring you back into equilibrium by balancing the seven major chakras (energy centres) in the body. Reiki works on the connection between mind and body. In Japanese Rei means ‘God’s Wisdom or ‘The Higher Power’ and Ki means ‘life force energy’. So, the actual meaning of Reiki is ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.

When people with Parkinson’s experience a Reiki session for themselves, they are often amazed at the relaxing effects that it can bring to their body, mind and emotions. It is often possible to see dyskinesia and tremors reduced or stop completely during Reiki sessions and effects of dystonia are often relaxed.

There is some research into the benefits of Reiki in Parkinson’s and some limited studies in the general population have shown that it can help with pain relief, mood and depression. Many believe that Reiki can trigger feelings of wellbeing, calm and a sense of being in control, which is of obvious benefit to family and carers too. Its healing energy addresses mind, body and soul.

Reiki can:

Stop or temporarily reduce tremor
Stop or temporarily reduce dyskinesia
Alleviate Pain
Lower Blood Pressure 
Relax Tight and Tense Muscles
Release Stress and Increase Calmness
Increase Energy

Reiki calms the mind and relieves stress, harmonising and balancing your emotional state. It can be helpful for releasing trauma that is trapped deep within body cells. This can be particularly useful for those who suffer from anxiety.

Reiki energy helps to nourish and heal damaged tissue and encourages the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes. It can help to release any energy blockages. It channels ‘life force energy’ and engages with the soul, gently nourishing and healing deep within.

Karl Robb found that reiki was very helpful in relieving his Parkinson’s symptoms that he and his wife became reiki practitioners/ Reiki Masters who now provide treatments to others. Some of the potential benefits in Parkinson’s cited by Reiki Masters are:

the channelling of Reiki energy to the part of the brain that regulates dopamine levels
improvements in the function of the blood-brain barrier so that Parkinson’s medication can be delivered more efficiently to the brain
improving the body’s vitality and natural healing processes by channelling energy into the organs affected by Parkinson’s. 

Each person will respond differently to this complimentary therapy, but you may find that it helps with deep relaxation and improves your vitality. As a method of channelling positive energy, it can be a good way to combat feelings of negativity which may help with anxiety and depression. 

Reiki is not regulated in many countries. It is therefore a good idea to do your research and look to those who are able to make recommendations. Friends, family, other people with Parkinson’s may be able to advise based on personal experience.  

When receiving healing, you may experience sensations of tingling, heat or coolness. Your practitioner may recommend that you rest after to allow the energy to continue its work, and alsodrink plenty of water to help the body detoxify.

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