Parkinson’s Move & Shout Classes

Parkinson’s Move & Shout are excellent classes that focus on improving wide range of problematic Parkinson’s symptoms. No two classes are the same and so you can expect a wide range of movements and techniques to improve mind-body coordination, fine motor skills and strength.

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Move & Shout class not only focuses on body exercises, but also combine this with facial and vocal exercises specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Facial exercise helps to reduce the masked, monotonous facial expression of which can often affect people with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s disease can cause reduced or loss of facial expression and facial movement.

Furthermore, facial exercises improve your speech and can also improve your eating as weakness in facial muscles may also cause motor problems like difficulty in swallowing and drooling of saliva. Our Move & Shout exercises can improve voice quality and loudness, the articulation of speech, increase the modulation of the tone of the voice and improve the intelligibility of speech (the ability to understand the speech produced by the person with Parkinson’s )