Leave A Gift In Your Will

Your Gift in Will, also known as a legacy, could make a big difference to the life changing services that we fund to improve the lives for for people affected by Parkinson’s. Find out more about Wills and how to make one with expert advice below.

For any legacy enquiries, please email donate@parkinsonscare.org.uk

Why do I need a Will?

A Will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write. It’s the only way to make sure the people and the causes you care about are looked after, and it’s where you can decide what happens to your money and possessions.

Why do people leave a Gift in their Will to Parkinson’s Care and Support UK?

People leave gifts in their Will to Parkinson’s Care and Support UK for many different reasons. For some, it’s a way of making a tribute to a loved one who passed away with Parkinson’s. It could also be a dedication to someone they know who has benefited from the life changing services we provide. It may be a way of ensuring that others with Parkinson’s live better for much longer. Whatever your reason, your gift will make a longstanding contribution to our vital work.


What happens if I don’t have a Will?

If you do not have a Will or if your Will isn’t valid (e.g. your Will is not correctly signed or witnessed) your estate is said to be ‘intestate’. This means your wishes may not be carried out. Having a professionally written, up-to-date Will is the best way to make sure your requests are met. 


I already have a Will. Do I need to update it?

It’s a good idea to review your Will to make sure it still reflects your wishes, especially if your personal circumstances have changed. Changes that affect your Will could include marriage, divorce or separation, a new arrival or death in your family, moving home, moving abroad or a change in your financial circumstances.

Why legal advice is so important when making a Will

Research shows 65% of people who assume a simple Will is all they need actually have circumstances that mean a simple Will is far from ideal, or completely unsuitable.

By completing a properly advised process, you will come to understand all the issues that impact you and the people you want to look after. That helps you avoid an incorrect assumption or omission that leaves your Will open to challenge after your death.

For example, you may not have much wealth or property. But your current or past relationships may create issues that need consideration. You may own a property with someone else but not realise your share could end up with someone unexpected. You may have business interests or foreign assets or multiple properties that need specific measures. Or inheritance tax at 40% may significantly reduce what your beneficiaries receive unless additional steps are taken.

With advice from our legacy partners Bequeathed, you can confidently make a good basic Will online for free or a more detailed Will if that is what is necessary or delivers the extra protection you want for your beneficiaries.

For full information on writing your Will and how you can leave a gift in your will to support people affected by Parkinson’s, please click below


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